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Preset pack for landscape Lightroom Classic
  • Preset pack for landscape Lightroom Classic

    A new type of presets to quickly process your landscape pictures in only 3 steps !

    • Apply base settings with presets
    • Balance your picture with local adjustments.
    • Tweak the colours with profiles


    Q. How to install the presets ?

    The preset pack is very easy to install. You will receive a PDF with instructions to guide you through the process


    Q. Which software are supported ?

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC and Camera Raw.

    Be aware that the local adjustements presets do NOT work with Lightroom CC and Camera Raw.


    Q. What happens if I change my computer ?

    ​We highly advise you to keep a copy of the pack on an external hardrive. This will avoid you losing them.


    Q. Do I have the right to share the preset ?

    Many hours of work has been necessary to create this presets pack. In order to respect my work, please do not reproduce, redistribute, share or use for monetary or personal gain in any way shape or form. Thanks a lot.

    1.8 mb

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