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Lut for the DJI Mavic Air

You want to get your footage looking like what you just saw ? I created a pack of 6 luts to help you color grade your footage. They work with every software that support luts (Premiere Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro,…) Bear in mind that luts are not a magic formula to get awesome footage. You need to fly well and use the right settings !

Cinque Torri

Epic DOLOMITES – 4k drone et timelapse

For this video, I used the new Mavic Air with the Cinematic mode. This mode smooth out the movement and help you to get nice cinematic shots. I chose to film in 4K 30 fps. That way, I will be able in post to slow down by 20% since the final export will be in 24p. It really helps to get smoother shots. I also changed some of the gimbal settings : I enabled the extent gimbal tilt limit, changed the pitch speed to 6 and the pitch smoothness to 20.​

Regarding the camera settings, I always shoot in manual mode at ISO 100. Since I used 30 fps, my shutter speed needs to be double that (1/60s) to get the right amount of motion blur. To keep the shutter speed slow enough, you will need ND filters. I used the standard series from Polarpro.

For the picture profile, I advise you to work in D-Cinelike with sharpness at 0, contrast at -3 and saturation at -2. These settings give you a flat footage with more dynamic range but you will have to do color grading in post production.

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